Mineral Pool System

Soft Swim is a revolutionary new mineral pool maintenance range, developed for new and existing pools. Whether you have a salt water pool or a fresh water pool, we can easily convert your pool into a Soft Swim pool. It produces the softest, smoothest and silkiest water available, ensuring swimmers’ satisfaction. Soft Swim is a simple and affordable way of maintaining your pool.

  • Softer on your skin, eyes and hair: Soft Swim acts as a moisturiser for your pool. Softens your skin and no more dry hair or sore eyes.
  • More time for you: Soft Swim’s blend of minerals and patented products save you time and money due to a revolutionary 2-step pool maintenance system.
  • Better for our planet: As Soft Swim is a mineral based system, it uses less chemicals and leaves a smaller carbon footprint. It’s not only better for you but better for our planet.

For more information check out http://www.softswimpool.com

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Soft Swim Awards 2013 from Soft Swim on Vimeo.