Mineral Swim from the Dead Sea

Mineral Swim is a revolutionary new mineral pool maintenance range, developed for new and existing pools. Whether you have a salt water pool or a fresh water pool, we can easily convert your pool into a Mineral Swim pool. It produces the softest, smoothest and silkiest water available, ensuring swimmers’ satisfaction. Mineral Swim is a luxury product to add to your pool.

Combines 100% natural Dead Sea minerals with ozone-to-oxygen water purification and natural skincare to create therapeutic, healthy and crystal clear swimming experiences.

  • Softer on your skin, eyes and hair: Mineral Swim acts as a moisturiser for your pool. Softens your skin and no more dry hair or sore eyes.
  • Product provenence: Mineral Swim’s minerals are harvested from the Dead Sea 
  • Healthier pool: An infusion of these Minerals in your swimming pool is like bringing the Dead Sea home, offering its natural health benefits and relaxing properties to you, right where you live.

Get in contact with us today to convert your pool to a Mineral Swim pool.